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We love it when secondary schools get involved with our programmes – they have so much to offer. Through the enthusiasm, energy and imagination of secondary pupils and staff we have seen inspiring fundraising and mentoring initiatives develop.

A recent project with the Park House in Newbury, for example, saw the Head Boy and Head Girl taking on the roles of motivators to inspire and lead the sixth form students in an imaginative fund raising project. The funds raised created the opportunity for the sixth formers to ‘gift’ the primary schools in their community copies of ‘Watch Out!’ book. And the sixth forms earned the right to have their common room redecorated … and rub shoulders with some superstars at a charity dinner.

We love it when a plan comes together. But we love it even more when our young people feel empowered to get involved and make a difference.

Teachers and pupils at any Secondary School can make this difference. Get in touch, get involved and together we can create some truly wonderful rewards.


Our OKBook

“It’s brilliant!” That’s what parents and schools are saying about ‘Watch Out!’ our age related guide to 19 everyday dangers. All the things our kids need to know presented in a way that’s clear, engaging, fun to read and easy to remember.


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Listen to our appearance on Marlow FM

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