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School days are the best days of your life. And that’s just what we want it to be. It’s the perfect time for shaping attitudes, ideas and building strong and confident personalities.

If you’re a head, teacher or governor please get in touch and we’ll get your school involved through our innovative and imaginative talks and presentations. The 19 subjects covered in our ‘Watch Out!’ book and programme cover all the everyday dangers that concern young people and their parents.

We enjoy building relationships with schools and making these relationships strong and long lasting. Because of our excellent network of contacts, we often get requests for a personality to visit the School, which we can make happen. From Olympic and sporting stars to marvelous blockbuster film characters – we have some great ways to educate and entertain.

Talk to us and find out more and please join us in making our communities a better, safer environment for all our kids.


Our OKBook

“It’s brilliant!” That’s what parents and schools are saying about ‘Watch Out!’ our age related guide to 19 everyday dangers. All the things our kids need to know presented in a way that’s clear, engaging, fun to read and easy to remember.


Listen to our radio appearance on Marlow FM


Listen to our appearance on Marlow FM

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