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Watch Out Book Kids Party

Tue 18 March 14

We promised the kids involved in the “Watch Out” Book a party to celebrate it being printed.

It was again held at the Clare Charity Centre in Saunderton on Sunday 23rd of February 2014.

Paralympian Champion Naomi Riches was the MC and did a wonderful job of entertaining the kids.

A fabulous face painter, Magda Dynos, did not stop painting all afternoon and both the kids and adults loved her. The paintings were so good that some of the kids slept that night with them on and went to School proudly wearing them. Magda is a Trustee of our Charity if anybody would like to speak to her about the fabulous work she does.

Another Star or Stars were Sally and Tim from Connect2Colour. They ran a painting workshop for the entire party. Each kid had their own canvas and were able, under the perfect tuition of Sally and Tim, to produce a wonderful, colourful and professional piece of their own art. They carried them home so gently you would have thought it was a bowl of jelly not yet set. They were so proud. Sally goes into Schools to teach her art and encourage kids to appreciate colour and the environment around them. Anybody wishing to contact Sally can do so by email at www.connect2colour.com or visit her website at sall@connect2colour.com

A terrific way of learning about colour that surrounds all of us.

The room was decorated by our “Kids Party” sub committee. This included Lynn, Claire, Heather, Tony and Naomi. The Theme was a “Space Party” so the room had plenty of stars, balloons, and the like. Heather organised a “Guess how many sweets are in the jar” competition, Lynn read to the kids from Jonnie Rocket books. These are wonderful books written by John Chapman and are used in Schools as exciting educational tools. John featured in the original “Star Wars” movie. Anybody wishing to get in touch with John can visit him on his website www.jonnierocket.com or rocketman@jonnierocket.com

John is passionate about all he does regarding his books and all things Space and is well worth getting in touch with.

During the afternoon tea, which included fabulous food for the kids and adults we had a major surprise for everyone. While the kids were enjoying the food and drink, 20 “Star Wars” characters walked into the room. These included Darth Vada, Storm Troopers and R2D2. This was organised by Pam Rose and Ken Coombes. Both featured in the original Star Wars movie. Ron who designed R2D2 and all the other mechanical characters for the movie was also with us. Wow what a reaction from everybody. Photographs, autographs and the like were taken and I think the parents enjoyed it more than anybody. When the Characters walked into the room one child was heard to say ” wow, this has made my life, I could not wish for anything better, it has made my life”.

Pam Rose did a fantastic job of getting the Star Wars people together. We will always appreciate  it and never forget it. One month on the kids are still talking about it.

The kids left with their Connect2colour paintings, their faces covered in magical themes and with a lovely party bag with sweets and things inside.

Don’t forget. Our Events are great and the reason is simple. We have surrounded ourselves with lovely, talented, passionate, kind people and that will always lead to success.

Watch out for our next Event!

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