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Internet Safety Week Again

Tue 13 February 18


The internet is this wonderful, powerful, eye opening and educational resource, however it comes at a price – which as parents and non parents alike know only too well.

So how can we reach a happy medium and enjoy this vehicle and all its merits without fear for the safety of ourselves and in particular our children?

The key – everyone needs to play their part in making the internet safer.


The Minister for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Matt Hancock, stated that the government was ‘working on making the UK the safest place in the world to go online’. If this is the case, some serious action needs to be taken, in conjunction with Social Media Platforms. The NSPCC has proposed that children who are at risk of online grooming should be sent automatic alerts. Using algorithms could be the key to flagging up those children at risk before they are contacted, by sending an alert to both the child and to moderators. The Government have to act to put practises such as this in place. In April, the new offence of ‘sexual communication with a child’ was introduced – until this point police were unable to do anything until a groomer had made an attempt at a face to face meeting with a child. Social Media Platforms Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are the most commonly used sites by offenders: they have an enormous responsibility, and it is vital that they work with the Government.


Is this enough?  Well some people think not - to read more on this subject please visit our  blog page for the full article:



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