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Our Watch Out Book

The first  Watch Out book was written and produced by Claire Annison and Tony Churchill who worked together as Officers for Thames Valley Police: Claire as a Police Officer and Tony as a Police Community Support Officer. They knew first hand the dangers kids faced and how to get the ‘stay safe’ message across.

In their roles in the Amersham Neighborhood Team they have visited many Primary Schools and saw the need for imaginative educational material around such subjects as:

  • Family danger

  • Bullying including cyber bullying

  • Stranger danger

  • How to say NO

  • Internet awareness

  • TV, mobile, media, and social media awareness

‘Watch Out!’ costs just a £1 - a small price for a book with such a big and important message. It’s divided into age related chapters, so kids can learn at a stage when it’s appropriate for them to be aware of the challenges they might face.

Parents love ‘Watch Out!’ because they know it’s been produced by professionals and endorsed by teachers and schools.

Teachers love ‘Watch Out!’ because it works as a great lesson planner and classroom companion when they talk to the children.

Businesses and community groups love ‘Watch Out!’ because it offers lots of ways to get involved in building strong relationships within communities through fundraising, promotions and branding.

You can order ‘Watch Out!’ on line. Or contact, Tony Churchill, at ‘OK Our Kids’ to discuss bulk orders, sponsorship, and fund raising opportunities.


Our OKBook

“It’s brilliant!” That’s what parents and schools are saying about ‘Watch Out!’ our age related guide to 19 everyday dangers. All the things our kids need to know presented in a way that’s clear, engaging, fun to read and easy to remember.

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