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'Watch Out' Book Launch & Gala Dinner

by Tony Churchill event

'Watch Out' Book Launch & Gala Dinner

On Saturday 29th September 2018 at the Crowne Plaza in Marlow, we at OK Our Kids hosted a fundraising evening and launched our new edition of the ‘Watch Out’ book, a child’s guide to every day dangers. Within this book there are 25 topics, some of which are very prevalent in the UK at the moment. To mention just a few, we talk about the do’s and don’ts around extremism, gangs and knife crime, cyber bulling and how to say ‘No’.

160 guests joined us to celebrate what we have achieved so far and we thank each and every one of them for coming. They ranged from school leaders, sports personalities, councillors, business owners and members of the Police force.

Our Community Interest Company is all about our kids in our community so it would be a great injustice not to mention the wonderful children and their families who were also able to come along to our event on Saturday so thank you KIDS! OK Our Kids Gala Dinner

We’d like to give a few special thank you messages to people who took to the stage and to those who helped us make the event happen. So here goes …

Stephanie Gilchrist for opening the show with a beautiful rendition of ‘The Greatest Love’. It’s never easy to ‘go first’ and Steph was an absolute natural with a stunning voice.

Dame Katherine Grainger, we have been honoured to have this wonderful lady as our patron since we founded OK Our Kids as a charity in 2013. It meant a huge amount to us to hear Katherine say that within the work that we do, unlike sport there is no gold medal no podium BUT that OK Our Kids has made a ‘massive impact’ in the last five years and in her eyes and that we were amazing champions in the room! Our love goes out to you Katherine, thank you!

Councillor Mike Appleyard, cabinet member for Education and Skills, has been working for many, many years for Buckinghamshire County Council. He talked about ‘educating the whole child‘ and what they can do within education to ensure they have the best opportunities in adulthood.

DCI John Osibote with close scrutiny of his wife’s stopwatch took to the stage for his speech. On-top of John’s day job, he is also chair of the City of London Police children’s charity. We are so happy that he was pleased to endorse our ‘Watch Out’ book and even more so, with his proposal to purchase 350 books for the Police Force’s area. Their continued commitment to support our mission to keep our kids safe is just fantastic.

Derek Peaple, Head Teacher of Park House Secondary School mentioned the significance of work we at OK Our Kids undertake is ‘massive’ always having in mind our core message to achieve the safety of our children, along with their happiness and confidence, is absolute. We thank him for his ‘110%’ support of our work and for his great video interview during the event.

Sarah Leighton, Head Teacher of Hughenden Valley Primary School is a breath of fresh air, so charismatic and the love she has for her school children is palpable. We are grateful to work with her to make amazing children even more so.

Ian Griffith from the Burnham Beeches Rotary Club district 1090, is the driving force behind 62 Clubs purchasing books for their local Schools. We very much look forward to The Rotary becoming our partner going forward and their collaboration with us in getting our AWESOME ‘Watch Out’ book to EVERY child in the UK.

Inaam Mansha of Wycombe Youth Action showed how he was a living example of the great work that the organisation does for our older children and young adults in the local area.

Barrie Twyman, Auctioneer Barrie Twyman, a fantastic Auctioneer from Amersham Auction Rooms. What a guy - upbeat, lively and humorous. It takes a special individual to get people to agree to part with money while smiling widely.

The Polka Dots – these are three beautiful, talented and sassy singers. They kept our guests entertained and dancing the night away after dinner.

The crew at Take One TV – for coming along and taking their own time to record the event and very kindly interview some of our guests, including;

  • Dame Katherine Grainger
  • Head Teacher, Derek Peaple
  • Councillor Yvette Thomas, Head of Equalities Children Services at Bucks County Council
  • Gold Medalist Paralympian, Harriet Little
  • The Polka Dots
  • All Blacks legend, Zinzan Brooke
  • And a handful of children who have been involved in the creation of our ‘Watch Out’ book.


Also very big messages of gratitude to the team at Elle Entertainment for providing all the equipment needed for the gig and the staff at Crowne Plaza in Marlow for their tremendous service.

If you would like further information on how you can get involved with our mission to keep our kids safe in our community, please do get in touch


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