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Planet Earth

by Tony Churchill

Planet Earth

To all the kids out there! We really need you to tell your parents and other adult family members about something that their teachers and parents probably never really taught them. And we need you to tell them because we know that you care about them.

Do you agree that our Planet Earth is such a cool place to live? It is our beautiful home that we share with 7.6 billion other human beings and zillions of bugs, butterflies, bears, bats bees, birds and baboons (to name just a few). Our planet is like one gigantic zoo, where we all live and we should all do everything we can to keep it beautiful, habitable and safe.

When your parents were at school, everybody thought that we could just ‘throw things away’ when we’d finished with them. It was easy, convenient and created lots of jobs – to have new things made which could just be thrown away – sounds crazy doesn’t it? But that is what is happening across the whole world.

Environmentally friendly

For hundreds of years, it looked as if everything that was thrown away did just go away, like magic. BUT it hadn’t. We just couldn’t see it. You children know that in our beautiful gigantic zoo, there is no ‘away’. We have filled the holes in the ground with rubbish, the oceans are filled with plastic and the sky gets filled with smoke. All of these are types of pollution. So please, you lovely children need to help the grown-ups find ‘a way’ to stop throwing things away.

The very first step is to say NO.

  • NO to flying so much
  • NO to using so much petrol
  • NO to eating so much meat
  • NO to plastic
  • NO to using anything that isn’t naturally renewable

The second step is to start to say YES

  • YES to walking, cycling, having fun in your hometown
  • YES to local shopping
  • YES to eating less meat
  • YES to green energy
  • YES to buying second-hand stuff from charity shops

planet friendly That way our beautiful Planet Earth remains our beautiful home and such a cool place to live.

Then the parents and grown-ups all lived happily ever after.

Article courtesy of Dave Hampton, Founder of The Carbon Coach www.ChampionsForEarth.com

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