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World Book Day

by Tony Churchill news

World Book Day

Celebrating World Book Day

The Dilemma

Many parents and carers get quite frazzled over World Book Day. A lot of the time it’s due to the expectation of which costume their child wants to wear or what theme is on trend. With children’s preferences changing frequently, we often may not know what our child’s favourite book is. Plus of course this year, the ‘Beast from the East’ hugely affected World Book Day and lots of families felt the effort and money spent on costumes had been wasted. Many schools however have rescheduled ‘World Book Day’ for later in the term so please don’t despair.


Ultimately, we at OK Our Kids, feel that World Book Day is more about celebrating and showing the joy and love of reading. The bond which a family has whilst enjoying reading together is a fantastic way to get creative and understand each other’s worlds. Some ideas could include:

  • Role play – act out what the book characters are doing
  • Silly voices – make up voices for your favourite characters
  • Feelings – talk about how certain characters might be feeling in your reading scenarios
  • Memories – as well as creating memories, reading together can spark a memory from the past which can then give you something to talk more about


Reading together can provide the opportunity to talk about what is going on in your child’s life at that time and how they feel about certain issues that may be going on for them, you or the family. If you and your child would prefer, you could read an e-book on a computer, laptop or a mobile device.

Time and Outcomes

We all lead very busy lifestyles currently and time just seems to pass us by. If you are able to spend 10 minutes a day with your child enjoying a book together, you will reap the rewards. Your child’s vocabulary will grow, their levels of concentration will increase, leading to improved memory and it will have a positive knock on effect on their writing, maths and art skills. As Dr. Seuss once wrote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

For a very affordable cost, take a look here at the books available for World Book Day this year http://www.worldbookday.com/books/ don’t forget to take your World Book Day token.