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How can businesses benefit from supporting a local charity?

by Tony Churchill news

How can businesses benefit from supporting a local charity?

Benefits of supporting a local charity

Lending support to a local charity can bring a wealth of benefits to local businesses, not to mention the charity itself. The relationship can certainly provide huge benefits to both sides and is certainly one every business should consider.

Helping others

The main reason for supporting a local charity is, of course, an altruistic one.

Local charities often struggle to raise sufficient funds to help those in need and it’s a continual struggle to find funding. There are many ways in which you can support local charities – you can give practical assistance or expertise, hold or sponsor fundraising events, consider offering special discounts to those associated with your charity or donating a percentage donation of a particular product.

So what better feeling is there than helping those in need?
This goes without saying, and we live in an age of Corporate Social Responsibility: businesses must do their bit. But there are many ways in which your business can also benefit.

Benefits to your business:

Help boost your retention rates – pick a cause that is close to the heart of your employees. Consult them, have a vote and find out the issues that really matter to them. If you can support a charity that means something to your employees and they believe in, they will feel some ownership of the cause and it may keep staff on-board and committed.

Add meaningfulness to the work of your employees – we all know that doing something good for others can boost morale.

Make the workplace a positive environment and a happier place to be.

Opportunities for networking - increase links and connections outside your normal business remit. You can develop a strong network with other like-minded professionals by supporting a local charity, increasing connections and marketing opportunities.

Stand out from your competitors – by doing something different than the run of the mill. Make sure you promote your charitable efforts and maybe even take a bit of video to share on social media!

Supporting a local charity boosts your reputation and image as doing something worthwhile in your local community. It can increase your exposure.
Consider sponsoring an event that the charity is hosting, especially if it is something your target audience may take part in.

Tips on increasing your exposure:

• Send press releases, videos and photos of any donations made to local outlets and lodge on line • Include articles and information about your charitable connection in marketing material, newsletters, sign offs, brochures etc • Get involved with high profile causes. This could create lots of media attention and publicise the charity alongside your product.

Ask the charity to recognise your support and publicise you.

Supporting a local charity is a win win situation – why don’t you give it a go? If you want to find out about some of the local charities you could help, as well as ourselves, then go to www.wycombelotto.co.uk


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