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Staying Safe in the Summer

by Tony Churchill news

Staying Safe in the Summer

Summer Holidays are in Sight

The Summer Holidays are a great time for kids to enjoy some free time, to play with their friends and make the most of their break from school. But with such freedom must come caution, so we thought it would be a good time to highlight some ideas that will help children look after themselves and stay safe whilst enjoying their holidays.

Safety Online

Some children may spend increased time online during the holidays – this may be to play games or stay in touch socially with their peers. You can take this opportunity to sit down with your children and teach or remind them about safe practise online.

Social networking sites should only be used by children aged 13 or over.

Top Tips

  1. Security settings could be discussed and encourage your child to use privacy settings and remind them never to give out personal information on line.

  2. Sharing of photos and holiday snaps might another area for discussion – only sharing photos that are appropriate and be cautious sharing selfie pictures that may tell people where you live or play.

  3. It may be tempting to spend a lot of free time online during the holidays. But exercising some restraint is a valuable lesson to avoid headaches, mood swings etc.

It may be helpful to offer some alternative activities.

Leisure Time Outdoors

The lighter evenings and (hopefully) fine weather encourage lots of outdoor activities. But again it’s important to highlight potential dangers.

Things to consider:

  1. It’s tempting to play by water but the dangers must be spelt out – swimming in dangerous open water, or by streams and lakes.

  2. Exploring derelict buildings may look fun but can result in serious accidents.

  3. Hot weather and spare time can prove a hazardous combination if children start playing with fire; dry grass and shrubbery can easily be set alight when playing with matches or lighters with disastrous consequences.


When children start going out to play with their friends without you, it can be very unnerving for the parents! The summer holidays may mean new ventures for many, and it is worth discussing and highlighting to them how to stay safe.

Looking out for each other and being part of a big group is important. If you get separated or are alone you may be vulnerable.

Don’t leave drinks unattended or accept drinks from strangers_ and make sure children stay in touch (if they have a mobile or access to one) and keep you informed about where they are going.

Summer Sun

We have already experienced one heatwave recently, and it’s important to keep children safe in the summer sun. Spending time outdoors in high temperatures needs some management - heat exhaustion, sunstroke, dehydration and sunburn can all be potentially very dangerous.

It’s vital to encourage children to:

  1. Drink plenty, and
  2. Apply sunscreen.

Avoiding physical activity at the hottest parts of the day should also be encouraged as can taking regular time out in the shade.

The summer holidays are a wonderful time for children – and keeping them safe is all about them making the most of this time. Please visit the below links for more information:


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