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We are three students from Park House School, and are helping ‘Ok Our Kids’ update their online blog as well as post updates on twitter and Facebook. We shall be keeping people up to date on all ‘Ok Our Kids’ news and events.

As part of their character and values course, year 10 at Park House School and Sports College has volunteered to help Ok Our Kids with public fundraising, by creating posters and providing help where ever needed. The project is ongoing but should have some wonderful results that shall be shared on the blog.

As part of their collaboration with Park House School, Tony Churchill, Zinzan Brooke and Sean Fitzpatrick attended a charity dinner at Park House to raise money for ‘Ok Our Kids’ on the 16th of December. This was hugely successful and very enjoyable for everyone involved.

Thank You,

Ben Marshall

Oscar Patterson

Milly Hoggard


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