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About us:

OK Our Kids’ is a charity founded in November 2013 in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our young children deal confidently with the challenges and dangers of staying safe at home, school and in the community: to empower them with the skills they need to face everyday situations knowing what is the right thing to do and leading others by their example. We aim to achieve success in our mission through educational partnerships with schools, businesses, and community and parent groups. 

Our Inspiration

OK Our Kids’ was the inspired idea of Claire Annison, a serving Police Officer with Thames Valley Police, and Tony Churchill, a former Police Community Support Officer. Through their work in Primary Schools and the wider Community, Claire and Tony saw the need for a new initiative to develop resources specifically designed to educate, inform and empower primary school children to stay safe in the community and on-line. ‘OK Our Kids’ also provides help, guidance and counseling to families that have already been affected by events involving child safety and protection.

OK Our Kids’ will become a fully-fledged Charity in its own right in the near future when all the business, community and financial connections are in place. In the meantime its status is supported through the charitable initiative of The Clare Foundation, charity number 1131949.

Guiding our vision is a great team of Trustees:

  • Claire Annison (Police Officer)

  • Andrew Flemming (Company Director)

  • Naomi Riches (Paralympic Champion)

  • Magda Dynos (Advisory Teacher to the Deaf)

  • Heather Cawthorn (Former Director of Nursing)

  • Maria Hastings (Company Director)

  • Miria Gilchrist (Company Director)

  • Alice Elliott (Blogging Specialist)

  • Adrian Jones (Author)

  • Lynn Bartley (PA to Chief Executive)

  • Sharon Thomas (IT Consultant)

Championing our mission are our wonderful Ambassadors:

  • Emi Sirbu (Student)

  • Hattie Little (Paralympic Development Squad Member)


Tony Churchill

Founder Tony Churchill

Katherine Grainger

Our patron Katherine Grainger

Star Wars trooper

Our OKBook

“It’s brilliant!” That’s what parents and schools are saying about ‘Watch Out!’ our age related guide to 19 everyday dangers. All the things our kids need to know presented in a way that’s clear, engaging, fun to read and easy to remember.


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